The Care and Keeping of Your Nonprofit 

COVID-19 and quarantine have caused stress for everyone. That tension can be worsened if you work for a nonprofit. The first step is making sure you know the laws and guidelines that are in place in your area. Here’s a summary of the current guidelines that may affect nonprofits in Pennsylvania. 

Pandemic Fundraising and Marketing Tips for Nonprofits
Pandemic Fundraising and Marketing Tips for Nonprofits

Overall Pennsylvania guidelines that may apply to your nonprofit:

All employees are required to wear masks at all times.

All patrons are required to wear masks when entering, exiting, or moving around the premises but can remove them when seated.

You must either operate at 50% capacity or calculate the number of people your business can fit with every table being six feet apart.

Clean and disinfect any items that customers come in contact with (tables, chairs, menus, payment machines) after every use.

All in-person indoor dining at businesses in the retail food services industry, including, but not limited to, bars, restaurants, breweries, wineries, distilleries, social clubs, and private catered events is prohibited.

Outdoor dining, take-out food service, and take-out alcohol sales are permitted and may continue.

Outdoor gatherings and events of more than 50 persons are prohibited.

Pandemic Fundraising and Marketing Tips for Nonprofits

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Once you know and understand the implications these guidelines have on your business the next step is to make the best of the pandemic. The reality is people have differing views on the Coronavirus pandemic – while some are anxious to get back to life as normal, others are more cautious. It’s important to be aware of this as you consider how to reach your donors and clients/customers. Here are some tips to help your organization thrive. 


Financial Opportunities for Nonprofits 


Nonprofit Marketing Tips for Nonprofits


Utilize Technology 

During times like these, technology is crucial. It’s what our world depends on everyday for a variety of different reasons — global updates, catching up with our friends and family, and more. Utilize your resources to the best of your ability!


Social Media Tips for Nonprofits


Communicate Effectively with Target Markets

Identify three or four groups of people you want to reach and design content that speaks to them. Use HubSpot’s guide to get started at Final – Make My Persona Education Offer.


Alternative Fundraising

Alternative fundraising is a fun and creative way to get your nonprofit back on track. Check out some fundraising ideas for your charity! 

Pandemic Fundraising and Marketing Tips for Nonprofits
Pandemic Fundraising and Marketing Tips for Nonprofits


In Case of Emergency

Make sure to have a plan if a crisis arises. Determine who is in charge of writing and issuing a response. Consider making pre-planned templates of what you might say for specific situations that may arise. For more details on how to create an adequate plan, visit Hubspot’s Crisis Communications Plan webpage.

Find additional free practical COVID-19 resources at the Nonprofit Hub.


Free Consultations Available 

If you want to learn more about how to ensure you’re doing everything you can to stay engaged with donors and the community, Short and Sweet Communications is here to help. Elizabeth is offering free nonprofit consultations. Email her to get started.

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