Elizabeth Greenaway

Marketing & Public Relations Consultant,

Kid at Heart  |  Believer  |  FPIES Girl Mom  |  Wife  |
CT -> PA  |  Life Learner  |  Mentor  |  Ice Cream Enthusiast  |
Penn State Football Fan  |  Adventure Seeker  |  Beach Bum

  • Entrepreneur

    In 2017, at the ripe age of 30, I became an entrepreneur – motivated by two things: a consulting opportunity with a nonprofit I’d passionately served pro bono for years; and my desire to be a working-at-home mom someday.

  • Agency

    I currently partner with a few different agencies to help them with writing and social media. But before I started Short and Sweet Communications, I worked full-time for a marketing firm – in that year and a half I worked with dozens of clients in a variety of industries.

    • Won my very first ADDY Award (writing) + 2 Bracket Awards (information architecture + writing + creative)
    • Learned almost everything I know about keyword research and SEO
    • For the first time ever, I was doing B2B (business-to-business) communications, challenging me to think in a different way
    • Lots and lots of writing – websites, blogs, social media, brochures, posters, advertising and more
  • Higher Education

    I spent almost five years in higher education at Lycoming College in Williamsport, Pennsylvania.

    • My all-time favorite part of working on a college campus was having the opportunity to work with students – sure they were fun, but there’s also much to be learned from them, especially when it comes to social media
    • Began as a web content coordinator, with a specific focus on admissions marketing communications
    • During my time in that position, the website was ranked among the top 5% in the country by My College Options Enrollment Power Index (EPI)
    • After a few years in that position, I was promoted to director of marketing and public relations
    • With more responsibility came the opportunity to be the media contact for the college – those impromptu media visits to campus took a toll on my to-do list, but they were always a blast
    • As director, lots of my time was spent working closely with an agency to launch the college’s “I am Lycoming” campaign
  • Nonprofit

    Having the opportunity to serve a nonprofit with a cause I’m passionate about is part of the reason I decided to take the leap into this solopreneur adventure. Throughout my years of experience, I’ve enjoyed taking nonprofit work, both paid and pro bono, to support causes – and most importantly, people.

  • The White House

    Yes, it’s true, I worked for The White House as an intern in the Office of Presidential Personnel during my junior year of college. While it’s not directly related to marketing communications or public relations, it’s still a vital part of my experience.

    • Worked 10-12 hour days at The White House, followed by evening classes with the Lutheran College Washington Semester (LCWS) program – it was hard work!
    • Got up before the sun to help prep for events on the South Lawn – Easter Egg Roll, Pope’s visit, Wounded Warrior Ride
      • Fun fact – some of the interns had to suit up as characters for the Easter Egg Roll, my short stature (4 ft. 10 in.) saved me from that!
    • Researched (“vetted”) potential candidates for presidentially-appointed positions
    • Archived presidential records – President George W. Bush’s second term was coming to an end, so there was plenty of archiving to be done (admittedly not so fun then, but pretty cool to look back on now)
    • Had our resumes reviewed by the staff – I still use tips I got to this day (happy to share them!)