Meet The Interns

Picture this: you’re in college and it’s the spring of 2020. Your dream internship opportunity is just around the corner. You worked hard to find it, prepare for it, and now, you can’t wait to start your real-world experience.
Enter the coronavirus pandemic. 

While everyone else canceled their internships, I decided to open a virtual opportunity with Short and Sweet Communications.

We’re spending the summer meeting virtually, brainstorming ideas, and creating plans to help businesses recover after the impact of a global pandemic – something no one has had the opportunity to do in our lifetime.

Yes, it looks different than the traditional summer internship (no coffee runs or making copies – woot woot!), but we’re living in the midst of a global pandemic in the year 2020, and I’m a millennial who believes in technology and has a passion for mentoring students – so it was time to think outside the box.

Here is the stellar team that will go down in history, not only as interns during a pandemic but also as the inaugural class of interns for Short and Sweet Communications. They’re totally worth the hype. Check them out!

-Elizabeth Greenaway

Hannah Degler

Pennsylvania State University Senior
Graphic Design, Advertising, Social Media

Emma Riglin

Pennsylvania State University Senior
Public Relations, Research, Writing

Julia Tsai

Lancaster Bible College Senior
Writing, Design, Research

Libby Gregg

Pennsylvania State University Senior
Graphic Design, Branding, Social Media

Kira Sarsfield

Pennsylvania State University Sophomore
Web Design, Creative Writing, Marketing

Morgan Watson

Pennsylvania College of Technology Alum
Digital Marketing, SEO, Keyword Research

Jarred Jones

Pennsylvania College of Technology Senior
Public Relations, Marketing, Entrepreneurship

Madison Sickler

Pennsylvania College of Technology Junior
Consumer Research, Writing, Non-Profit Support

Tess Woolslager

Pennsylvania State University Senior
Content Writing, Photography, Creative Branding

Interested in a virtual internship?

This team has been such a blast; I’m considering offering a limited number of virtual internships in the future. These opportunities are unpaid and part-time. If you’re interested, I’d love to hear from you!
Please send me an email and introduce yourself!